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Kyle's maternal grandmother is 100% Native American and grew up on a reservation.

Bartender / Cellarman

Courtney Duncan

Courtney loves baseball and is on her way to visiting every MLB stadium.

Manager / Bartender

Riley Rhodes

Riley loves hiking and went on a 500-mile thru-hike on the Colorado Trail.


Jen Daring

I’ve been a rock climber for 13 years and, outdoor recreation is the way to my heart.


Emma Walkinshaw

Emma grew up in Northern California and has lived in many different places, including Ireland and Canada.


Sydney Stroll

Syd plays the guitar and piano and likes to play around on a DJ mixer.

Taproom Support

Melisa Baringer

Mel LOVES hotdogs.
Any size or topping.

Manager / Bartender

Jess Perella

Jess is an avid reader and loves to drink red wine.


Stephen Biggs

Stephen is a great lyricist
and writer, you should
listen to him!

Master Cook

Allan Matthes

Hotdogs love Allan. He even had one named after him in Key West.

General Manager

Shelley Salzer

Shelley was a pretty good bodybuilder in her youth! 

Taproom Support

Tori Casamento

Tori rode her bicycle across the country, from the state of Washington to Connecticut.

Taproom Support

Cassie Grimm

Taproom Support - Cook

Cassie runs cross country.

Nolan Snowberger

Nolan is an avid bowler and shot a 300 in his junior year of high school at sectionals.

Taproom Support - Cook

Alex Snowberger

Alex is an avid bowler and bowls collegiately at a D1 college in Ohio.

Taproom Support - Cook

Ernest Calhoun

Ernie III played collegiate football at Kent State University.


Henry Boyes

Henry was in the Navy for eight years and traveled to thirteen different countries. 

Taproom Support - Cook

Matt Snowberger


Justina Bucceri

Justina competitively twirled baton for 20 years and twirled at Bowling Green University for 2 years.


Lindsay Petrone

Lindsay worked in the NBA for the San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers for 4 years before “retiring” to be a mother.



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